December Update

glassesDecBlogOh! Oh It’s been a while since I posted here. I’ve been busy, as ever, with art tests and some freelance work.  In case you’re wondering, yes I’m still available and interested in hearing about new opportunities, send me a mail if you’re interested in working with me. Contract, full time, commission, I’m still considering all options!

In this update I’ll share a couple of the art tests, a full post with examples from my freelance project will go up once I’ve completed it :).

( The image above is one of the concepts from my current freelance project.)

Disclaimer – I’ve not included names of studios who’ve asked me to do these for the sake of confidentiality.

Puzzle Game

bubble gameVariations for a ‘Puzzle Bobble’ style game. The ask was for a basic reskin with art direction which was limited to the bottom two images, but I thought I’d also show how I would approach the theme to try and distinguish the game from the hundreds of similar titles availing at the moment.


Strategy Game

Concepts for an isometric strategy game. I wasn’t feeling on top form when I did this test and in the end feel that I over-thought it quite a bit, lost perspective and tried to be too clever. I fluffed the test in the end, I guess sometimes you have to trip over to realise you’re not wearing your shoes on the right feet. ( I would also thoroughly recommend you ask to postpone an art test for a week or so if you’re feeling unwell :p. )


strategyThe brief was to create a defensive ‘building’ for a fantasy game with an asian twist. I thought a poison-squirting building could be an interesting way to fend off attackers, but how to get the poison out? Were they poison spores, a poison gas?

strategy2I decided to go for a poison incense pot in the end, as it was a simple design which would be easy to read on a small screen, and could be easily ‘upgraded’ without adding too much additional complexity.

strategy3The final incense towers would upgrade through materials- clay, rough metal, shiny metal, luxury metals. In the end I feel that I actually went *too* conservative in regards to the shapes, even if the idea is still a little wacky.

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