April Slightly-Madness

Well hello there, I think it’s about time I updated this to reflect my current situation, now that I actually know what it is myself .

April 2014 has been – without question- one of the craziest months of my life to date. I’ve been up and down the country on trains so often that London Midlands are gonna start charging me rent, signed contracts, unsigned contracts, slept on floors, been crowned winner of the internet for an evening and learned a couple of words of Croatian because why not?

2687211_origNow that the dust has settled I can say for sure that as of May 12th I’ll be starting at Slightly Mad Studios, so can call my current search for juicy chunks of contract/ super juicy full time employment to a halt. I’ll also be moving down to Brighton, because April, so should be attending way more cool south east-ery jams and gamey events. Also hoping to dramatically increase my output of personal work now that I don’t have to spend all my free time on art tests and interviews.

Aww yeaaaa. *struts*


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