Site shuffle, ‘unannounced project’ updates and more!


I’m currently taking a break from my side project, which means I’m using some of the time to go through this place and prune it down a bit, it’s looking a bit messy.

It’s also annual ‘ Sarah fancies playing about in 3D’ week. I usually just grab a 30 day trial of 3DS max but that’s not an option this time, so I’ve bit the bullet and committed myself to learning Blender. I need a 3D tool for paintovers, refreshing/revisiting my 3D skills now and then is important and Blender is free, win win win  :D. Expect the fruits of my tutorial-and-textbook labours soon.

As for gamey news – Project CARS ( a game I’ve worked on at Slightly Mad Studios ) comes out next week. My input was mostly achievement icons, because I’m the person you ask to do achievement icons.

Speaking of GUI tasks involving drawing lots of tiny pictures, Creative Assembly have now officially announced Total War:Warhammer , which I contributed some work to while I was at CA. No achievement icons though, mostly concept art. I can’t show any of it here yet, but watch this space.


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