‘Low Poly Bear and Cat’ Tattoo Design

bearcat tattoo
Initial Design // Sarah Ford ::: Inks// Dan Gold at Monsters of Art – London

Earlier this year a friend asked me to design a tattoo for them, incorporating a ‘low poly’ style bear and cat. They finally got it inked, so now its time to share the process sketches ~


The Initial sketch was provided for me – it got the basic idea across, but was a little too ‘wide’ – my job was to make a new design which was a little more compact and had more connection between the bear and cat.


I started by gathering references so I could study the essence of what makes a bear a bear, and what makes a cat a cat. Anatomical accuracy is pretty important even when the animal is abstract,helping to define the personality and mood of the creatures  – the bear shouldnt look like it’s about to eat the cat !



Brown Bears are quite droopy, there’s power there, but the thick limbs and flat footed gait gives them a misleadingly slow appearance. Cats, on the other hand, are quite tight – like a coiled spring ready to go off at any moment.



Brainstorming interactions – early examples were a bit more ‘ bearcat fighting team yeah!’ but quickly pushed towards a more playful and friendly relationship.

barcat sketch

The four more friendly thumbnails which were sent over to the client


‘A’ and ‘C’ were combined and redrawn in a ‘low poly’ style.

bear 3D

tat col sm

Figuring out which colours to use to get the right form was tricky as I was unsure what would actually look good on skin – so I went with what would create an impactful contrast based on the tattoo refs I could find which were close to this style.

The final composition was put together by  the tattoo artist Dan Gold at Monsters of Art – London ( http://www.dangoldtattooclub.com/index.html )  – adding some extras here and there – and it looks pretty great!



One thought on “‘Low Poly Bear and Cat’ Tattoo Design

  1. Hello~ I just happened to come across your beautiful and I really do like the cat and bear idea as me and my boyfriend refer to each other as such. So more just out of curiosity more than anything, why did your friend choose a cat and a bear? ;0; is there a story behind it? (oh oh. If I didn’t mention earlier, I really like the work you have done for the tattoo. It’s beautiful. I aspire to be an artist of sorts. Though, I doubt I could ever haha. XD)

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