Holiday Dinoproject: Day 1 ( Liveblog ) Flaplings

Flaplings ThumbPass01

K, here we go, first art pass for the Pterosaur. Did you know baby Pterosaurs are called Flaplings? That’s adorable and far easier to type than ‘ Rhamphrohynchus’.

This was a double dose of me learning the creature and trying to push it. The actual Rhamphro is like, 4ft long with a 5ft wingspan. The ‘ Ox Pecker’ version I’m creating is…well, it can be bigger than a 20cm bird, but not too much bigger, the thing I was pushing towards here was more compacting down the animal into something that’s more believably bird/bat like without losing too much about what makes it a Pterosaur.

Rhamphrohynchus, basically teeth that can fly.

Ah yes, It also needed to not be as..toothy…as its ‘cousin’. Ox Peckers feed on blood as well as insects, so some little fangs on the prehistoric version is fine, I just don’t want a full bill of gnashers, because that’s more of a fish eater thing than insectivore thing.

As for the sketches –  In terms of stance, I/J feel more correct than A/B/C, which look too ‘dragon’-y.  Theres something that draws me to E, it seems a nice middle place from the POV of how much tilt there is on the spine, it also feels less bird like in the silhouette than some of the others, which is a plus, as this is *not* a bird. The neck is quite short looking, which is also a feature of bats and smaller birds, which helps with the scale issue.

So I guess, I’m going for a variation on ‘E’.

Ok, on to the next step – pushing the believability, checking out some colours, viewing it from another angle.


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