Holiday Dinoproject: Day 1 ( Liveblog ) ( The Research )

Hmm, this didnt seem to post earlier but contains some key thoughts, so lets redo that. No art here, just notes from through the day discussing ref gathering and casting the dinosaurs.

Hoo, what a journey. Refs have been gathered at a snails pace thanks to my flaky ‘broadband’, but I have more of an idea about where to go. My plan was to have mood boards uploaded here by now, but its taken so long for anything to load that i’m behind a bit. No loss though, sometimes these things flow in more of a scattershot manner.

Yesterday I was unsure wether to go for old fashioned style dumpy tail-draggy dinosaurs or not for a laugh – because that style of dino has some nostalgia value to it, I guess – but in browsing paleoart blogs pointing out how ludicrous the old images are…I think Im going to air towards being a little more contemporary, at least in terms of avoiding the dumpy/draggy style.

My cast members are –

Dicraeosaurus Hansemanni – A lumpy bumpy Tanzanian Sauropod who according to my refs lived in ‘costal areas, seasonal dryness , heavier vegetation inland.’

Perfect setup for a migration journey :)!
Rhamphorhynchus – A fish and insect eating pterosaur of Tanzania – my version will be a fictional ‘cousin’ which focuses on filling the ‘ox picker’ gap, but this is a good place to start.

Allosaurus/Ceratosaurus – The predator is low priority, but from what i’ve gathered Allosaurs were the pigeons of the late jurassic and were everywhere, so that’d probably be the one to go for.



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