Holiday Dinoproject: Day 1 ( Liveblog ) That’ll Do

flapling 4 cols sm

Based on Ox Pecker colouring, eh, I’m sure they’re that colour for a reason – but hopefully it should also help sell the idea. Kinda makes it look like a little demon which is unintentional, though Ox Peckers look like little demons too sorta. Perhaps bringing some RAINBOW MAGIC might help. Shot of blue/purple/emerald in a incandescent patch perhaps, there’s still space for something cool on the back fluff/ folded parts of the wings. The feet could go blue-r which might help, stop them looking like grabby little bat hands.

For now though, this takes a rest. Tomorrow it’s thumbnailing scenes and pondering environment. The other ‘characters’ …Well, theyre not getting a redesign from the refs I’ve found, lets put it that way :D. But the focus is on this little flapper anyways, anything big and scaly is more like a landscape to her/him .


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