Holiday Dinoproject: Day 2 ( Liveblog ) Casualty

I’ve had a head cold since the clock ticked over to ‘ no more day job til 2016 yay lets party!’ time, and it’s  kinda defeating me today, having moved form ‘ oh this headache is annoying’ to being basically too clogged up and snotty to focus. It was…quite hard to sleep last night.

This doesnt effect my schedule as massively as you’d think – I planned for 3 days instead of the 4 I have free this week. It’s not an entirely lost day though, despite my horrendously bad internet connection trying to throw me off – I’ve taken some notes on potential late Jurassic environmental features from books ( BOOKS!) and have a rough idea of the kind of environment the final image will take place in. I guess the good part about wanting to sit in front of the TV feeling sorry for myself is that I get to fill my head full of the nature documentaries and animated dinosaur movies which inspired this project in the first place.


( Evening Update )

The day of rest was worth it, I needed that.

The plan doesnt change going forwards, I’ll be back on this tomorrow with a more sensible bedtime under my belt – though my observations today do change how I’ll be approaching things a little. My previous Day2 plans were to think about the ‘environment’ in quite modular terms – these are the kinds of rocks you might see, these are the plants – this is a pond you might walk past – but the environmental effects/hazards on the journey are just as important important to sell, and are more of a key feature than finding the prettiest conifer . Not that pretty conifers arent also important, but those details- right now- are not important.


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