Holiday Dinoproject: Day 3 ( Liveblog ) Loose Thumbs

thumbs wip1

These are a bit of a work in progress, but it’s basically me pondering interesting scenarios that our travellers may encounter. Mostly the scenarios are falling off things and eating bugs.

Geysers – Thermals are fun to ride, but this place is hella misty – beware the hot steam!

Algae swamp/flooded plains – Walking is slower, and there’s less surface area for you to hitch a ride for if you need a rest- slippery when wet! On the plus side, there are loads of dragonflies and midgies around the water, yum!

Desert – Fly up and ahead to scout for much needed water holes, beware dust storms, sinking sand and ‘predator traps’ ( Tar pits :o! )

Dense Forest – Flying through here isn’t really an option unless you want to get lost, tree branches and ferns threaten to dislodge you from your perch. Lots of strange tasty bugs here!

Coastal Cliffs – The local residents dont take well to ptera visitors, stay hidden as your journey partner lumbers past the nesting sites. Some tasty rockpool morsels to nab, if you’re fast and don’t lose your partner.

Night Plains – Low lying bushes/ferns. Somewhat limited visibility except by moonlight, but huge flocks ( eclipses? ) of moth-like insects ( Moths didnt really exist yet as we know em ) are out in force, also migrating by the moonlight. YUM.



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