Sketchbook -‘Runman’



Was in the mood for sketching some tech tonight, whee.

The idea is that the little character is projected from the pen, and you beam it into adventures when you’re bored, make it jump across your desk and search around a little patch of projected ground to find treasure etc, which is stored on the pen. The character hangs out inside a little window of the pen, like those novelty touristy pens you can get in tat shops. When you get home, you can plug the pen into a dock, and the little character will go into a ‘home’ window on the dock, which you can customise.

A pure time waster, basically, but I wondered what this device might look like if this was like, not just a fad, if this was part of life and everyone had one of these things. So like, different audiences, the elites, the hackers etc.

I don’t actually think I found what I was looking for here, a couple of them could be explored, but the silhouettes lose the daft fun of the main idea. Im not sure why that got lost along the way, feels like I started to try too hard to prove myself as an artist who can do super serious things instead of proving the idea, which is really daft, because proving the idea is what would make me a good artist, tsk tsk. The tourist tat angle tickles my funnies though, so I think I need to dive in one last time and get the idea sorted without overthinking it a billion percent.

Oh, and here’s the quick sketches. I’m trying to get more out without cluttering up my approach, no research, no refs, super loose, just see where I go. Its genuinely terrifying but it really shouldnt be. It feels like I have a lotta bad habits to shake from my system.

The idea came about by picking some idea cards outta a deck and rolling a dice, the cards were like ‘ social/gambling/search ‘ and the dice was like, an AR headset, so I figured, some kinda games system.


runman console sketches

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