This is the Courier, she works in a post office in the heart of a divided land. Inside the post office, high on a dusty shelf, sits a parcel which has been there for many years. Most of the people who work at the office have given up on the idea of ever delivering the parcel – for it is addressed to somebody in the forbidden lands – a war-torn and forgotten place which even now is full of danger –  and that person is probably long dead, so you see, the ( quite modest and really not very valuable looking ) parcel is really not worth bothering with.

But our courier girl is determined, she is relentlessly optimistic and truly believes that the person who the parcel is intended for is still out there, that they need this package, that it would mean a lot to them to get it – and she can’t stand the idea of them never receiving it.

So, one night, she builds up her courage, takes the package and heads out towards the forbidden lands…


A sample from something I was working on recently ( The quite static angle/pose was part of this ) – I’ve got a process writeup and some development art to share too, but I’m not going to post that yet – in the meantime, the lineart for this is below the jump :)

DC A sketch



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