Dinoproject 05 – Sauropod Heads


Slow progress, but progress all the same!

Busy this week, but I got some heads down which I didnt like at all when I finished them, but now I’m Ok with em. More duds than cool ones, but the more I get back into the swing of this stuff the easier it gets innit.

Usual start- try to understand the anatomy. Part of the reason I’m rusty with pushing these now is because I’d get stuck in the anatomy part – not stuck like ‘ this is hard!’ stuck like ‘ IF ITS NOT A PERFECT REPLICA DRAWING IT IS WORTHLESS ‘ and I’d kinda miss the point of why I was drawing an animal/whatever in the first place. So skulls, eyeballed skulls first to figure out my own take on the shapes, then a more accurate gridded one just to speed up my understanding of the proportions a bit


Next came the iteration, boom. Marked the ones which I had a gut reaction about, C I’m really on the fence about – the anatomy is too wrong for it to be a real contender but theres something kinda eager and horsey about it’s character, and having this dino feel like a big horse is kinda going in the right direction? But It should also not feel dumb, so something like S is a little wiser, though looking a bit too smooth and bald at the moment.

heads 01sm

Next steps is to take these and explore what works and why, but getting far closer to defining who this character is RE your perception of them.

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