Dinoproject 06 – Sauropod Head 02

heads v3 s
Slow n steady progress, its dino time !

Last week I was exploring heads/personalities for the sauropod, there were a few I liked, but I didnt really compile them because I was running outta time. This is a bit of a…one day a week thing, I guess, so long as I do that I build momentum without feeling like I’m forcing myself to do a project, yknow? This is all relaxed, gotta let things flow.

heads 15

After giving them some time to rest, it was ‘S’ which had something that I liked. Its the jaw structure I guess, it looks sturdy while some of the others look a little too ‘soft’. The thing with hairless birds/reptiles is that they always look a little mean because they dont have squidgy bits, fluff aside, so having the sauropods head be a little bonier feels more authentic, even if at this point the anatomy is all twisted up either way.

Speaking of anatomy, I also moved the nostrils up – they probably stick out too much now, but if it helps the silhouette, thats ok.
heads v3 sm

I also extended the neck and started to look at surfacing. The core idea to this whole project is that you play as a little pterosaur clinging to the side of this sauropod, so surfacing is very important- like, the surface you scrabble around on should probably be interesting and have clear areas where you can grip and other bits which may be slippery etc, right?

But at the same time, it feels like the more detailed sketch goes too far, and perhaps this is something I need to explore with paint instead of with sketch detail – to be honest, just having a small patch of roughness here and there like in the middle sketch may be enough. I’ve not exactly done an art direction exploration pass yet, the sketches so far are just like…default semi-realism – things are pushed but for this one anatomical honesty is more important to me? Like, not going too far in either direction – but render/colour/etc is still something which will make a big difference.

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