Dinoproject 08 – Enviro Exploration

DinoEnviro280816 (8)

Booting up the ol’ Dinoproject again, huzzah.

This time I’m mostly focusing on environments, which also kinda turned into exploring potential story beats, because the two are linked ( or should be ! )

Bit of an image dump this one, and they’re all quite loose, so I hope y’all can read em.

So, I’ve been away from this one for a bit – July was a very busy month, and I kinda lost some steam in August.  Dinoproject was still in my mind, I just didnt really know how to keep pushing it forwards.

I mean, as much as *I* like the idea, and would want to play this if it was a game, I’ve been plagued by the kinda doubts one gets on every project – is the idea not original enough, am I not good enough to pull it off, would anyone care if I did or not anyways?

And I guess the reply to those kinda doubts is like…if you can find the fun and make it your own, it doesn’t really matter what you think other people will think. So I re-thought my approach and started to come up with ways to make it fun for myself again.

One thing I know I found fun on my last side project was working super loose to a whitebox given to me by a designer – I had a lotta flexibility to push things around, but having a base and an idea of more or less what was needed in the space was very useful.


So I made my own! I used Lego as I find there’s a tactility and a kinda mindless wandering you can get from playing about with plastic bricks that is lost in the sometimes frustrating world of 3D programs such as Blender. This little whitebox wasn’t much, but it got me more in the mindset of using what I know about the kind of environment I want to make without relying on photographs or existing paleoart.

I wasn’t really sure what my scene was at first, other than ‘ this is a place you pass through with waterfalls which make a cute rainbow’. After the first couple of thumbs I figured it’d be a good idea to think about  little fun things for the ‘player’ character ( Pterosaur ) to fly through as the larger sauropod walks along.

Then I started to listen to The Lion King soundtrack, which was super inspiring, and really helped me figure out what this could be other than a bunch of pictures of animals –  a story about two buddies who are lost but get each other through it all. And heck, that might not be the most original idea in the world, but it’s one I can attach some meaning to to suggest/develop a story  – it’s a starting point. Really wanna do this again with different music and see where it takes me…

DinoEnviro280816 (1)DinoEnviro280816 (2)DinoEnviro280816 (3)DinoEnviro280816 (4)DinoEnviro280816 (5)DinoEnviro280816 (6)DinoEnviro280816 (7)DinoEnviro280816 (8)DinoEnviro280816 (9)DinoEnviro280816 (10)DinoEnviro280816 (11)DinoEnviro280816 (12)

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