Ghost Tram


This started off as some sketches for Inktober, but I was inspired by the Dishonoured2 BAFTA talk I attended at the end of October to do something more painterly. This became..a bit of an epic undertaking, with little bits being done over multiple days. Im still not sure what was taking so long. but if I was to do this again I’d approach some parts of my process differently to speed it up a bit.

I took a brief hiatus from working on it when local events near where I live made the idea a bit uncomfortable, though in general there isnt much to this, it’s just a slightly evil lookin trolley/tram with some 1950s jetstream elements.


My biggest issue on this one was probably giving myself too much time. I’d intended on getting this done in a day and doing 2 other concepts, but got sucked into the mindset of trying to make it as detailed as possible. As a result it probably lost a little energy, and potential for storytelling. In the end I did a few tweaks and pushed it out despite not liking parts of it, and it feeling like it could use a little more work ( though some of the problems should have been sorted out earlier in the sketch phase ) as I have other things which are higher priority.

In all, despite not being 100% on the final image, just going through the process was useful. I’m still squeezing art into what little time I have in the evenings and weekends, and its really not enough time to bust out the bad habits I’ve picked up, ‘ I dont have enough time so im going to skip steps in my process’ being one of those bad habits.

This one was pretty popular on twitter however, so I guess it’s probably worth doing some more of these soon…perhaps not a tram tho :p


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