Character – Boom Witch


With the rise of womens lib, many young witches discarded their broomsticks as tools of domestic oppression and used their talents in other fields, such as the entertainment industry.

Back in October I had the idea for a witch character who, instead of riding a broomstick, rides a boom mic.

I decided to develop the character as an xmas project, initially to a tight schedule…but this kinda got torn to shreds as I realised in order to do a good job, and to get to know my own work again, I needed more time.

I started with faces, as these can help define a character early on. My time limit for these was quite harsh, so I didnt warm up/explore as much as usual, but I did like at least one of them, which was good enough to go on to the next step.

I also collected a pintrest board of inspiring imagery for the look/attitude of the character. 

Basically, she is pretty young, for a witch, and she feels pretty free to express herself – though her job requires her to be quiet and in the background a bit lest she distract “the talent”. Admittedly, the bold colours and noisy pattens are in contrast to that idea of silence, but not to the idea of rebellion and freedom of spirit.


I brought her into digital, and started to work on getting a base template down. I ended up spending a lot of time getting the face right, which changed a lot from the original sketches, though the extra time was worth it. I limited myself to 4 iterations, which I put more time into in order to provide options which were on an equal level – that is to say, I wanted to make it hard for myself to choose one I liked.


Her skin is green, just to hit home the more traditional ‘witch’ idea. I’ve spent the past few months working on a game in the Harry Potter wizarding universe, so it was important to me that this witch is not that kind of witch.

Im not sure which of these witches I like the best, though ‘D’ is the more subdued so probably the most appropriate for her role.




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