Update – NDA’s, NDA’s everywhere

Yo yo, a little update. I’m not able to post anything but I guess I can kinda..descriiibe whats going on and what has happened that I can’t post here? Somewhat skippable Image- free post, ahoy ~


So it’s been very quiet around here. I have poked around in my actual portfolio here and there to remove some stuff which was a bit ‘ what were you thinking?!’ but other than that, nothing new has popped up.

I’m still working at MT, and a game I was working on released at the start of the year, but as it’s a licensed property I’m not allowed to post any of the art online. If you’re reading this and want to work with me in the future and you’d like to see any examples of what i’m describing, I can send some samples over privately.

The project had a very tight deadline so involved using a lot of shortcuts – such as photobashing to create character concepts. I’m not really a fan of the method, it was a lot more about looking for a shape than feeling out a shape, and I felt a little paralysed not being able to feel out a drawing and get a good flow going – I could have just painted using the approach I find more comfortable on top of the photo base, but the way our pipeline was set up for characters, that would have wasted time – these were not concepts ever intended for an art book.

I’m unlikely to use the technique in my own work, though I guess I can see how it could be useful as a collage tool for moodboards, especially when handing ideas over to other artists on a team.

My other role on the team was to create 2D assets for in-game, which also involved a lot of use of photo textures in order to maintain stylistic consistency.  When doing those, I learned that the thing I could bring to a paint-over of basic stock images such as books or luggage ( there were a lot of books and luggage ) were elements of wear and tear, character, and some lighting information which was not present in the base asset. Being a mobile game, the in-game interactions involved touch, and I had fun making some of the 2D assets kinda gross and not something you’d ever want to touch – where relevant, of course!

The project I’m on currently is a whole other ball game, and involves a lot of drawing. I’ve had some days where I’ve burnt out because an image has involved more work than I’d anticipated, some days where my brain has been completely fried but I’ve had to continue because these things have to get done, and some days where I’ve felt like I’ve finally bust past a lot of the confidence issues I’ve had for a while now. It’s pretty great to have to uphold and improve my draftsmanship quality and anatomical skills after what’s felt like years of my base drawing skill slipping towards being a little too loose and gestural to be useful for much beyond my own underdrawings. I’m still busting out a lot of loose gesture thumbnails, of course, but now I have the time to finish them up into a final.

My side project is also still chugging along in my spare time, watch this space for news on that, it’s not time to reveal anything yet, not even if im doing a lot of drawing or not :p.

I guess the final bit of news, which is also a little out of date now but HEY! Is that I’m a member of BAFTA Crew 2017! So far it’s been pretty rad, and at times very rowdy, but also very cool to learn things from people in the industry who have totally different experiences, who I’d probably never get to have those kinds of chats with in the same way elsewhere.

Going forwards, I really do want to get some more stuff up in public, the renewed confidence and drive I have from drawing all the dang time has been a boost, but other than the occasional night off or horribly delayed train, things have just been too busy – and I’ve been trying to avoid pushing myself to breaking point as that’ll undo the positive steps I’ve been making lately.

Things are still like..a little more illustrative than concepty overall at the moment – which is something that needed to happen to work some kinks out of my process- but I’m getting quite hungry to get some design work done. Drawing is awesome, but problem solving with drawing, man that’s the real drug.





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