Game Jams


Chordbusters – Global Game Jam (48hrs) ( PS,Unity) ( Mac/Win)



|||Online Multiplayer, Co-op, 3+ Players||| ChordBusters is a game about bustin’ notes with your pals whilst riding on a galactic laser-firing keyboard. Shoot down enemies by standing on the correct key and firing a “I-can’t-believe-it’s-not-Ghostbusters” beam at enemies. Some enemies will require a chord to take them down, so you’ll need to work as a team! Choose from a range of fingers to express yourself! Are you a pirate? Are you a cat? Or are your 420 blaze it A E S T H E T I C memelord? Show us with your choice of finger. Go for a high score as you try to survive for as long as possible!

Download it here



CrackedUp – Global Game Jam ( 48 hrs ) ( PS, Unity)

ggj WIP 07


An endless runner game where you must not step on the cracks in the pavement!

Write up

Download it here  ( Requires mouse )


Kiki vs Bouba – Global Game Jam (48 hrs)(Photoshop)

” We don’t see things as they are, we see them as we are ”

KvB Lv2 screenshotWrite up & Development

Same-Keyboard multiplayer game. I did the backgrounds and characters, the UI was coder art put in while I crashed. Game jams :)!

Basically splatoon, but flat. Spread your splat around the stage, whoever has the most splat gets large and can attack the other player to win the round.

(P1) WASD  (P2) IJKL {START) Space

Play in Browser


Little Miss Left Behind- Molyjam (48 hrs)( Kinect, Flash )

“Game where you must hold onto your mother’s hand. Let go for more than X seconds and it’s game over.”

I had the idea to do this idea with kinect, so you’re literally reaching up to hold onto your mothers hand, very molydeux. Luckily I found a coder who had kinect experience, else I woulda had to just do this as a slideshow :)

Art/Design process write up

Gameplay Video

Pollinator – Game Hack (24 Hrs)( Kinect, 3DS max)

No Theme – head tracking kinect game, collect pollen as a bee.

Art/Design process write up

‘Resurrection’ (Jesus Vs Scientists) – Rezzed, (1 Hour )

1 hr//( in reality around 45 mins ) basic platformer, jesus ( angry that the scientists are corrupting the moral order by resurrecting a creature his dad removed from the earth)  floats around and shoots lazers from his eyes. We won the crowd with over with our mad idea and passionate presentation :D

Winning Entry! Write up Play it here



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