Total War Battles: Shogun (2011/12, CA/SEGA)

In 2011 I was hired by The Creative Assembly to do Concept Art and UI on my first full game- Total War Battles: Shogun. (Unity – iOS/Android/Steam) .

02 a enviro 32



The buildings have a dual purpose from a visual design point of view- they represent places where you can acquire troops, and places where resources such as wood and gold can be generated. The main resource buildings incorporate elements of the resource they generate into their architecture.


The characters had to be readable despite their tiny size (As 3D models, and as elements in the UI) , and distinctive enough so that you could tell each unit type apart at a glance. I proposed a basic analogous colour scheme to help with this – range units are yellow, defending units are orange, attack units are red. Your adversary has the opposite – dark blue characters are attack, lighter blue are range, aqua-teal are defenders.

The campaign map showing the various areas you’ll find in game- from snowy mountains to tropical beaches, swamps and sprawling cities.

6831479080_4e9750d4bd_o.jpg06peasant-farms07 simplefestival-zen-garden.jpg6831484048_b60357f10f_o.jpg
09fortress03 chapter-x-moonlight


Concepts for the in-game maps. Some of these were based on the events of the in-game story, others inspired side-quest maps.

01 rocks-colour

Various trees and rocks, these were to be used both as ‘blockers’ to help make interesting  maps as well as background elements.


Final in-game assetsDevelopment mockups. The style gradually became more simplified in order to save space and avoid issues with compression artifacts. ( Here you can also see the earlier versions of the in-game 3D models which were later changed to be closer to my concepts. )


Total War Battles:Shogun is available on iOS/Android /Steam

All images © SEGA/The Creative Assembly


One thought on “Total War Battles: Shogun (2011/12, CA/SEGA)

  1. Did you know this game was pulled from steam and google play over a year ago with no announcement as to why? I know you probably don’t have any info about this but I’m just so curious.

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