TweetLord (2009)

Tweetlord – a casual RPG add-on for Twitter- was developed by Multi Axis Games over the course of three months.  I was brought on initially to illustrate the character portraits, though by the end of the project I had also created the initial [character sheets] ,  helped smooth out design issues, did a little testing, wrote a lengthy FAQ  and helped direct the newer art team members. Phew!

warrior01_presentation copyeagle04

The basic premise of the game was this-

Using #hashtags and @replies, players could search for comedy items,  hug their friends and battle against their enemies all through their personal Twitter feed. In traditional role playing style, each action earned the player experience points, allowing them to level up and unlock new attacks , coloured backgrounds for their character sheets, and costumes for their avatars.


The Birds

In order to encourage role play, each bird has a traditional RPG style ‘Job’, and a personality befitting its class.

The eagle is a bold warrior, and a proud action hero.

The swan is a cleric, who travels the world seeking enlightenment and defending the faith.

The owl is a sharp eyed ranger, and a full on bro who likes to party hard.

The sneaky vulture is a thief, who will buy and sell stolen goods at a high price.

The exotic peacock is a mage who specialises in the art of mystical dances, and is a bit of a fashion diva.

Here is a peek at all the of the variations for the peacock set. For every final costume, four potentials were created.

The birds also come in NAKED!

They should put on some knickers, or perhaps a nice party hat?itemspresentation2


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